Experience and Expertise matters!

Result orientated it consultancy

TechConsult is a team of dedicated IT & Business professionals leveraging their expertise to solve your daily pain points and improve efficiency in operations. Finding the right IT solution for your business can be a challenge, often one finds themselves compromising with an off the shelf product that might not best suit their business model. We at TechConsult believe in building the right solutions, our software is meant to improve operations at every step of the way.






  1. Tell us about your company.
  2. What are some of the challenges you are looking to solve?
  3. Where do you see your company in the next year to five years, these are the sort of questions we would be looking to "discover" during this phase
  1. How does your operation function?
  2. What systems do you currently utilize to execute your processes?
  3. What are some of your key pain points?
  4. What is your teams input on the ideal software solution?
  1. This is where we get to work strategizing, solving and developing your unique solution.
  2. Expect lots of collaboration here in the beginning while we narrow down your design aesthetic (UI) and the general flow (UX).
  3. Weekly meetings are generally recommended to recap on progress, make any adjustments.
  1. Its time to launch your new product, idea, solution.
  2. By this time we would have done some testing already, we usually recommend a month BETA period with all major stakeholders.
  3. We allow for a 3 month period for any changes, improvements and adjustments.