Build and leverage technology to simplify your daily processes, so you can focus on growing your business.


We see a world where technology is accessible to any size business in any industry and one that does not have to sacrifice customization due to large up front capital costs. Every business no matter the size should have access to technology to help them achieve the best possible outcome for their business.


Dedication – Our team is a passionate group of individuals that collectively work toward creating the best results and solutions for our clients. Transparency – We do not sugar coat things, honesty is an important part of striving for best solutions for any problem.
Ownership – We look at any project as if we were building it for ourselves, our goal is to ensure it meets our high standards at all times.

Management Team

Predrag Milutinovic is an extremely hardworking individual who espouses the values of innovation, teamwork and, creative and critical thinking. He is a firm believer in the power of working together to make organizational operations more efficient using information technology. When he is not busy working and challenging himself to achieve new milestones, Predrag loves to play squash or go swimming and scuba diving to unwind and have some fun. Predrag is also a huge fan of automobiles and therefore never misses a chance to go driving whenever he can.

Predrag Milutinovic | CEO at #TechConsults | tech-consult.me | LinkedIn profile

DEJAN LAZIC, Business Development
With over 25 years of business experience, Dejan brings a wealth of operational and various industry insights to Tech Consults. Throughout his career he has operated businesses in real estate, IT, hospitality and construction sectors, forging many new relationships and business opportunities. Dejan brings years of experience and knowledge of all aspects of the business, including: training and development, financial analysis, streamlining operations, strategic short and long term advice, improving/implementing standards and procedures, marketing and sales strategies.

Dejan Lazic | Business Development at #TechConsults | tech-consult.me | LinkedIn profile